Love, Lydia - Notes from a geeky, plus sized artist.: Days 25-27

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Days 25-27

Hi everyone,

So the past few days....they're kind no one wants to hear about.  About the only advantage of being sick is getting to reread books or some other super low energy activity.  So when you start to fall asleep you don't have to worry too much about finding your place again since you've already visited this world before.  In this case I read all of The Shadow at Evening and am almost done with The Power of the Night by Chris Walley.  It's a Sci Fi series with spiritual elements, similar to C.S Lewis' Space Trilogy with a dash of the sequel Ender books by Orson Scott Card.

Otherwise today I've been catching up on things.  I've been looking up some local shows/events for possible entry, organizing some of my art supplies (not having the right size/shaped container for my pastels to be organized by color is bugging me), and hearing all the news about snow tomorrow.  I'm hoping for lots of snow, and getting snowed in would be fine too so long as there aren't any power issues.  We have several different kinds of birdfeeders in our yard and it makes me look forward to getting some snow because the birds will really crowd around any food sources available.  There's a lot of chance to see unusual species as well since more food is covered up.

Anyway, I'm headed to bed with dreams of snowflakes.  Goodnight.

Love, Lydia

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