Love, Lydia - Notes from a geeky, plus sized artist.: Day 3

Friday, January 3, 2014

Day 3

Hi ya'll,

It's a short update!  Today I've been working on my video for the Kickstarter project.  I've got most of it recorded and just need to do editing now.  And I've got Amazon to approve that I'm me for the payments account required for Kickstarter.  Once I get the video done I'll be submitting the Kickstarter proposal and crossing my fingers that it gets approved.

I've been reigniting my Twitter accounts, my older one and the new @Lydiasdesigns one.  If anyone tweets and hasn't followed me, please feel free.  I'd love to connect with you all!

I'm going to go work on some patternwork on one of the newly painted casein canvases.  Then I'll be adding in other collage elements tomorrow.  I'll also be working on a pair of pieces for the Healing Ceilings program.  They connect artists with health care by creating ceiling tiles for cancer treatment centers.  Many cancer treatments involve lengthy amounts of time staring at the ceiling, and the artist who founded the program want to bring interest and hope to the time spent during treatments.  You can find out more at

Until tomorrow!
Love, Lydia


  1. "Y'all". I'd forgotten about your Southern heritage.

    1. haha Yeah, I mostly speak like a northerner according to this article -

      But go figure, I've got to vary all my greetings here if I'm going to be posting everyday, so some southern talk is bound to show up....but not too much! haha