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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Announcement, 10 Wantables, and Outfits

Hi friends,

I'm so glad the weather here is finally better for wearing jeans, boots and sweaters.  Today I've got a bunch of outfits for you, plus a bit of a fun as I look at items I've seen and loved.  Perhaps some will become part of future capsule wardrobes, but one thing is for sure, they're on my mind today.

ModCloth Announcement!

Also I have a huge announcement that I'm incredibly excited about!  I am now a ModCloth affiliate!!  I love their clothes to death and am thrilled that they trust me to share their wonderful styles with you all.  What this means is when you click a link from here to ModCloth and make a purchase (any item, not just what I may link) you help support me.

Fall Wantables

1. The Intrigue All About It coat in Crimson from ModCloth *Affiliate*

2. This Batgirl shirt from Sons of Gotham!

3. A gorgeous Aaron tulle skirt from Whimsy Luxxe (I'm thinking lavender maybe?)

4. This Lace Front Button Tunic from Torrid

5. These amazing Pink Clove Metallic leggings from ASOS

6. The Coach Tour dress in Teal from ModCloth *Affiliate*

7. An adorable Shooting Star Shoulder Bag from My Lolita Dress

8. A pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lo Tops in Eggplant Peel

9. This Tee of the amazing new Thor from Her Universe

10.  These lovely Plum wash Jeggings from Torrid

Whew....Now for the outfits!

Top - Target , Shorts - Levis/Amazon, Flip Flops - Old Navy

Top - Forever 21, Necklace - Forever 21 (I couldn't find it to photograph, sorry!), Skirt - Target, Leggings Target, Boots Trendsetter/Hushpuppies

Not quite and outfit, but one of the examples of scarf wearing that is finally happening.  Yay fall!  Scarf - Dress Barn, Top -  Ocean Pacific/Walmart

Hoodie - Target, Top - Target, Jeans - Lane Bryant, Boots - Trendsetter/Hushpuppies

I was so nervous about wearing these palazzo pants out the first time.  I really love them, and they're incredibly comfy.  Top - Target, Necklace - Anthropologie, Pants - Dress Barn Woman, Boots - Trendsetter/Hushpuppies

Flannel Shirt - Walmart, Wonder Woman Tee - Torrid, Jeans - Torrid, Ballet Flats - Payless

Tell me folks, if you wear palazzo pants how do you style them to keep people from thinking they're pajamas?  That thought kept sneaking in while I was wearing them, so I made sure I dressed it up a bit (despite only wearing it out to get groceries.)  Also, what are your top wanted items?  Share it all with me in the comments!



  1. I love modcloth! I have only 1 item from there, but I just got a major promotion so I am hoping to buy more from them. :)

    1. Yay! They're wonderful, and they can have some great deals in their sale section too! I have a half dozen pieces from them, and really want to get more. They're pretty much my favorite place to shop online!

  2. Wooow! Beautiful post my dear!!! My post on the blog!!! please write a comment! Thank you so much!!! ))

    1. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your site. It's nice to meet you!

  3. Huh, all of my trousers are palazzo pants (and 1 pair of jeans that I should put back into rotation now that it's fall) and they never look like pajama bottoms to me? Neither do yours!

    All of mine are from SWAK designs. They still have the Olga palazzo pants, it looks like, but the other prints are nowhere to be seen! :( (Though, I totally admit to wearing my cotton jersey palazzos from SWAK as lazy house pants, especially my ratty old ones that have holes in them...)

    1. I think it's just because I'm new to palazzos, and they feel like pajamas, so I think they must look like them too. I'm sure I'll get used to it.

      I'll have to check out SWAK's palazzos, I wouldn't mind having a second pair. Thanks for sharing with me!

  4. I absolutely ADORE Modcloth. When I was thinner, I shopped there as often as I could, and have/had quite a few LOVELY dresses from there that I simply adore still. One I even use in "Everyday Cosplay"! ;) Hehe! There's a new pair of boots on there that I want SO BAD, as well as those ADORABLE kitty-cat kitten heels, and if I decide to get either of them, I'll definitely come back here and click through your site to buy them! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Always willing to help a fellow bloggin' sista out! ;) <3 <3 <3 <3 I also love those silver leggings and those plum jeans! *dies* And cute outfits! Lovin' the plaid! Very Winchester! ;) Love me some SPN, as you would see if you visit my blog, lol! I'm obsessed. Haha! ;) <3 <3 <3

    1. Thanks so much, those kitten heels are really cute! I swear there's always a long list of adorable items I have in mind. I wish I could just buy it all up, maybe someday!

      And thanks so much for the compliments! I'll definitely check out your blog too.

  5. P.S.- You need to change the website on your FB profile to this one, because it totally took me to a different blog than this one when I clicked on it, lol! ;)

    1. Thank you, that slipped right past me as I was setting things up!

  6. I have been looking for a new winter coat! The one from Modcloth may be it.

    1. They have the best coats! I'm hoping to get that one or a similarly fun one, my old one is starting to look shabby.

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    1. Thanks! It's always so much fun to make lists like this and see what others think.