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Saturday, September 5, 2015

My Fall 2015 Capsule Wardrobe

Hi friends!

I'm super excited to share what I've designed to wear this fall.  Some things I thought as I was planning ended up different than I thought when I laid things out, like my balance of colors and some of my numbers.  I've also decided to have 2 flex items, how it works is they will be in my wardrobe and suitable for mostly summer weather, when it gets too cold for them I'll switch something else in that has the same purpose.  Once I switch it I can't take it back and the item goes into the box of my summer clothes, not to be seen again until spring or summer.  I'm doing this because I'm nervous about how the weather changes will impact what I can wear and I'm not totally sure what I'm doing since this is my first capsule that has any dramatic seasonal change.

So for anyone new a capsule wardrobe is a planned set of seasonal clothes (usually 30-37 pieces per season), that helps you focus on your personal style, not overspending, wearing all of what you own regularly, and getting rid of clothes that don't fit or work well for you.  In the end there's less fuss when you get dressed each day because things work well together, you can experiment more knowing things will pair well together.  It also clears out space if like me you end up with more than you wear and also hold on to things that don't fit.

Now on to the capsule wardobe pictures!

As you can see my colors changed from what I assumed last week before I laid everything out together and sorted through to get my final picks.

1 -  Old Navy ruffle henley tee
2  -  Once Upon a Tee "The Witch in the Fireplace" tee (Doctor Who/Harry Potter mashup)
3  -  Target/Pure Energy V neck sweater
4  -  Torrid Wonder Woman tee
5  -  Target/Mossimo Supply Co feather stripe, V neck tee

6  -  Forever 21+ navy cold shoulder top
7  -  Forever 21+ berry stripe crochet cardigan
8  -  Walmart/Ocean Pacific ruched top with sleeve ties
9  -  Forever 21+ cowl neck, 3/4 sleeve striped sweater
10  -  Anthropologie/T. La olive roll sleeve pocket tee
11  -  City Chic purple bubble hem camisole top
12  -  Torrid chiffon dragonfly print tank
13  -  Target/Merona purple lace sleeve top
14  -  Switchfoot band tee

15  - Target/Pure Energy charcoal lace back hoodie16  -  Forever 21+ indigo striped, 3/4 sleeve, shoulder button top
17  -  Gwynnie Bee/Isabel+Alice assymetrical tunic tank
18  -  Walmart/Faded Glory blue plaid flannel button down shirt
19  -  Maurice's olive and pink military jacket
20  -  Target/Merona olive button skirt
21  -  Amazon/Levis light wash roll cuff shorts
22  -  Amazon/Levis dark wash roll cuff shorts
23  -  Torrid floral print A line skirt

24  -  Her Universe, 9th Doctor dress
25  - Target/Mossimo Supply Co grey leggings
26  -  Cherry Velvet, Paige dress in blue floral

27  -  Lane Bryant, Genius Fit skinny jeans
28  -  Macy's/Style & co olive roll up utility pant
29  -  Dress Barn Woman floral palazzo pant

30  -  Torrid skinny jean
31  -  Torrid brown faux suede ballet flat
32  -  Modcloth/ H.G. Bass floral platform olive sandal
33  -  Torrid zip ankle, embellished skinny jean

34  -  Hushpuppies/Trendsetters black with wood ankle boot
35  -  Payless/American Eagle blue twist ballet flat
36  -  Old Navy indigo paisley flip flops
37  -  Toms pomegranate corduroy classic slip ons

Whew! Tell me what you think of my selections and let me know if I missed anything I should have on my list.  Normally I would have some Converse shoes but when I tried on the pair that I'd set aside for this capsule I found they didn't fit me correctly.  I may buy new ones for my winter capsule since I really love them.

Lastly, I have some news! With the addition of the new banner above my blog makeover is nearly complete.  Feedback is welcome of course!

I have also established a Facebook page where you can follow my posts more easily, you can find it here -

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Rereading YA Fiction

Hi everyone,

I've got to the part of my reviews where I started rereading books I've owned and loved when I was younger.  Honestly I still love them, despite their young adult designation.

Young Adult Books Round Two

My two favorite books in my preteen years were Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine and Wren to the Rescue by Sherwood Smith.  I think Wren to the Rescue and many books about fairies were what began to interest me in fantasy books.  With Ella Enchanted I think I was 14 when I first read it, and it was an easy read, but I loved it so much I had to immediately read it again before returning it to the library.   Something I'd never done before with any book.  Ella (an adapted Cinderella figure) is spunky and at times obstinate as she fights her curse.   It's been a little while since I read Ella Enchanted, but I still read it every few years.  All the books below fall into the category of books that are great for advanced readers in 3-6th grade on up, though they're generally classified as "middle grades" level.

The Two Princesses of Bamarre by Gail Carson Levine -

A pair of sister princesses, a mysterious illness, fairies, a young wizard, and an epic quest are fairly average fantasy subjects.  But Levine writes renewed fairy tales and her own fantasies masterfully adding wonderful humor, and strong female characters that make great role models for young readers.  Characters also work to overcome their personal fears and weaknesses, with all problems being resolved neatly by the end of the book.

 Wild MagicWolf Speaker, and Emperor Mage by Tamora Pierce - 

are the first three books featuring the character Daine, a young girl with wild magic.  Pierce's books have a much more fleshed out magical system and characters that appear in one book often make cameos in others too.  Daine has some interesting quirks, her wild magic is much stronger than in others who might have it, and those who do have it are an oddity in her world or specialize in one area, taking care of horses for instance.  But Daine's power goes beyond all that and her family origins are mysterious.  Throughout the series we see her grow into her powers and encounter new enemies as her new home is thrown into chaos with various immortals being unleashed from a realm they've been confined to for generations.  The books have both adventure and quest elements as well as mystery solving in a swords and sorcery world created for teen and preteen readers.

Wren to the Rescue by Sherwood Smith - 

Has all the coming of age story hallmarks, orphans, a princess, sorcerers in training, and evil wizard kidnappings.  But it uses the familiar story line to introduce great characters and concepts that help shape young adults.  We see a woman with ambiguous morality and learn that people don't start out good or evil necessarily, but can be taught morals along the way.  The heroine and her best friend continue their relationship despite changes in status and new friends join them.  This book is the start of a series with the original trilogy available in both print and ebook, and the 4th book, written a bit later only as ebook.  The whole series is worth reading, and get a bit more serious in tone as they go on, but this first book is very lighthearted and would be a perfect introduction to fantasy books for young readers.  I have an 8 year old cousin who is about ready for it in fact.  The great part about Smith is she has also written books for teen and adult readers, so her books are perfect to grow up with.

Thanks for joining me, I'll be back with a full report on my capsule wardrobe Friday and more book reviews next week.